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1L-4L lubricating oil filling machine

주요 특징

This machine is weighing type filling machine which consists of conveyor, main frame, conister clamp part, measuring part, filling nozzle, oil storage tank and control system, the filling range can be from 1L to 4L, with the function of zero-tracking and automatically fall correction, gross/net weighing type can be chosen, the filling type is divided into rough filling and fine filling, to guarantee high filling accuracy; equipped with drip collector and leakage-proof vacuum device, to prevent drip or spill.

This machine can complete conister inlet, measuring filling, conister outlet automatically, it is an ideal equipment in lube industry, Car Care Products industry and fine chemical industry.

1. This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control panel, weighing instrument to adjust and control, it is convenient to adjust.

2. Each filling head has the weigh and feedback system, each filling head can be regulated and micro adjusted.

3. Photoelectric sensors, proximity switches, etc. are used in advanced sensing elements, so that no bucket, no filling, if barrel blocking, the machine will automatically stop and alarm.

4. The whole machine gets GMP standard. It is easy to disassemble clean and maintain, and the parts which contact with the filling products are made of high quality stainless steel 316, the machine frame is made of SS304, the thinkness of stainless steel is not less than 2mm.

The whole machine is safe, environmental, sanitary. It can adapt to various kinds of working places.

5. The liquid filling parameter setting and operating can be operated by touch screen, concise and straightforward, the touch screen has the function of fault diagnosis, alarm and remind the solution of troubleshooting. There’s battery inside touch screen, and it has memory stored program, it it able to store multiple sets of parameters, also can view the historical data. When you change bucket specification or production ability, just need change the parameters in touch screen is ok, can highly improve the work efficiency.

6. The filler has the interlock protection function, lack of barrel filling automatically stop, barrel in place, filling automatically start.

7. This machine can applicable to various viscosity of lubricating oil filling level requirements

8. The liquid level control system can be connected with feeding pump (38m3/h) to achieve intelligent self-control, the liquid level can real-time display, the feeding pump can feed or stop feed liquid according to liquid level in filling tank, and when the liquid level is higher or lower, there will have alarm ringing.

9. All the valve and connecting sealing ring adopts polytetrafluoroethylene,operating temperature from -190~250℃, allow sudden and steep warmings and coolings,or alternating operation. Pressure: -0.1~6.4Mpa (The negative pressure to 64kgf/cm2)

10. Designing and production meet GMP. Easily dismantle, clean and maintain. The parts which contact filling products are made of high quality stainless steel. The machine is safe, environmental, sanitary, adapting to various kinds of working places.

기술적 인 매개 변수

01전원AC 380V; 50Hz (may customized)
023.5 Kw
03Container mouth diameter≥ φ18mm (may customized)
04충전 범위1L-4L
05Filling tolerance≤±0.1%
06생산 능력2500containers/hour
07Number of filling nozzle12
08공기 소비220L/minute
09공압 (공기 작동) 소스0.5Mpa-0.65MPa clean and stable compressed air
10Conveyor height950mm±50mm
11HMI heightFrom ground about 1400mm
12Container feeding directionFrom left to right
13기계 무게1800kg
14기계 치수 (L × W × H)3500*1800*2500mm


빠른 세부 사항

유형 : 충전물 기계
조건 : 새로운
신청 : 음료, 화학 제품, 음식, 의학
포장 유형 : 케이스
포장 재료 : 나무
자동 등급 : 자동
몬 유형 : 전기
전압 : 220V / 50Hz
힘 : 4.5KW
원산지 : 상하이, 중국 (본토)
유명 상표 : NPACK
Dimension(L*W*H): 3500*1800*2500mm
무게 : 800kg
인증 : CE
판매 후 서비스 제공 : 해외 기계류에 서비스를 제공 할 수있는 엔지니어
재료 : SS304
Speed: ≤2500bottles/hour FOR4L
Filling range: 1L-4L
Filling heads: 4 heads (or customized)